Mary Barra a Crisis Game Changer

Mary Barra a crisis game changer during General Motors current recall. Encase your are not up-to-date on the motor world news, General Motors has had a massive recall that has affected Upon reading a great article on Forbes on Barra I must admit, she is a game changer in the crisis world. The demand for transparency and two-way communication is not longer an option but, a requirement in our world today.

New Crisis Playbook

Facing the challenge of a recall would be daunting for any CEO, imagine being a brand-new, first female CEO in your industry and dealing with it. So far she has approached this crisis as a seasoned veteran. By promising to get to the bottom of what happened, engaging with the public on the General Motors Facebook, and handling herself in front of Congress, Barra has proven she can handle a massive crisis. She has utilized all facets of social media to reach her audience especially, when the target audience for your car in your recall is that of young adult age. It will be interesting to see how Barra will carry General Motors through this recall.

Check out Barra’s recall update here.