Serial Podcast Gets Reinvention

“Who do you think did it?” This is the question of the age when talking about Serial, and one that may or may not ever be conclusively answered.  Nonetheless, fans of the podcast, Serial, are still following the story and hope for a that one final piece of evidence that proves it all. 


Serial is produced by This American Life from WBEZ hosted by Sarah Koenig.  If you’re out of the loop on what exactly Serial is about here’s the brief description: a high schooler, Adnan Syed, was tried and convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee behind a local Best Buy.  Fifteen years later, Koenig was approached by Rabia Chaudry, lawyer and family friend of Adnan, to cover the case and find out what the police failed to.

Revival of Serial

serialSerial aired it’s last episode mid-December, 2014, and fans were begging for an answer.  It ended with an indefinite cliff hanger, never to be answered. That is until this Monday, April 13, when some hope for the truth sparked once again with the first episode of a new podcast.  Rabia Chaudry and two colleagues have gotten together to make this new podcast, detailing what Serial might have missed and the information that has come out since it ended.  As exciting as this is for Serial fans there is one big problem that comes along with this Serial extension: Chaudry is, and admits to being, quite biased that Adnan is innocent.  So, although the information listeners will be receiving true information, there is room for many flaws in the presentation of the information.

Will Serial fans finally get the answers they are craving? Or will this new podcast end up tangling our brains even more.