Be your own PR Mixologist

Since I have talked a lot about Public Relations; I thought I would share 5 New Technologies that can help your own PR mix by making it more interesting. The article that taught me all these amazing tips was called “5 New Technologies to Spice Up Your PR Mix” by Christopher Bennett found on PR News Online. Be your own PR Mixologist. Bennett works in retail technology, along with being a communications strategist, so he knows it all. Because he works in retail technology he gets to discover all the new technologies that have helped change communications. He believes that marketing professionals and PR people need to, “consider multiple platforms and vehicles for channeling their messages” ( According to Bennett technology drives the communications industry, and because of this arrival of technology (digital media) those involved in communications are expected to be masters of social media. This being said, these communications professionals and PR people have no excuse but to “geo-target” their audiences directly and with no trouble due to the many devices at hand today. According to Bennett, we are hyper-connected. Take the cell phone for instance, it takes on second to send a tweet via twitters app. Also, because of this easy access, people can buy online as easy as they tweet so this drastically changes the retail world from what it used to be. We need to take full advantage of this technology because it makes jobs within communications even easier to increase productivity.  Now it’s time to pass along the five new technologies and apps found on your mobile devices according to Bennett to make your marketing and PR mix even easier!

“1. GroupMe:… private group-based messaging [app that works on all mobile devices]…enabling team members to communicate with people throughout the world…has the functionality to coordinate groups with colleagues for private, work-related discussions

2. Streamboard:…a new iOS app that sends Twitter updates in real-time. Keywords, hash tags and conversations can be searched and tracked while prioritizing by location, language, influence and linked content.

3. Here on Biz:…a mobile app designed for business networking. It identifies the most valuable and relevant professionals and sends mobile alerts when they’re nearby.

4. Brewster:…synchronizes and organizes all contacts, bringing them all into to one central location. The app has the functionality to search for contacts by name, location or similar interest.

5. UberConference…new approach to conference calling…eliminates the process of finding and typing in dial-in numbers and PIN codes and brings visual dimension to conference calling….Participants can easily dial into the conference number and will be automatically authenticated based on their phone number (

I am so happy I found this article because I had heard about some of these new technologies and mobile apps, but did not know in depth there full purposes, nor how helpful they could really be! I hope you too will find these new mobile apps and technologies helpful in all your future communication endeavors!