ESPN’s Britt McHenry Goes Viral

The golden rule states, “treat others the way you would like to be treated.”

However, on Thursday ESPN was quick to suspend reporter Britt McHenry after her angry outburst to a towing company worker–a viral video seen by millions on the internet.


When Britt McHenry stopped for casual happy hour special at a Chinese restaurant in Arlington, little did she know that her car would be towed and her temper would short wire. What unfolded the following morning, was a cascade of cruel comments hurled at a towing worker. Comments that related to the worker’s lack of physical attractiveness, weight and even her education level were uttered from McHenry in retaliation for her car’s impoundment. Though the towing working, Gina, warned her that a camera was taping her, she still continued to fire back insults…

Britt McHenry Goes Viral: Her Words Angering Hundreds

After the video of  28 year old Britt McHenry was leaked onto the internet, both sides weighed her words. From a Washington Post article, the article focused primarily upon the towing company’s Better Business Bureau rating, which was given a F. In their opinion, McHenry’s situation should have not been posted to the internet without her prior knowledge, and worse– seen by millions leading to her one week suspension. However, in contrast, CBS New’s article explained how the internet’s innate curiosity and anger towards Britt’s statements backlashed her into a social media crisis. This ultimately opened up a can of worms, with one person tweeting that she was “a superficial snob”, and another stating that she “deserved to be fired.”

Overall with young professionals on social media, being aware of your personal brand is a fear that millennials face. As if we didn’t know already, McHenry’s mishap is a prime example of how a seemingly private affair has gone public, and how keeping our cool even off the camera is more important than ever.The internet gives people the voice to express their thoughts to the world unapologetically…let’s be sure that we think before we act.