Pintrips the Way to Pin to Travel Happy

The travel market seems to have discovered a way to make the idea of pinning, made famous by Pinterest, profitable. A new program, Pintrips, utilizes pinning as a planning tool for travel possibilities. With Pintrips, users can avoid the common travel planning frustrations, and better plan, compare and share.
Pintrips is a cross platform travel tool making searches easy while users plan their vacation or business trips. By providing a dashboard to house trip ideas and flight searches, Pintrips allows users to add friends to trips to share travel plans with real-time prices. Pintrips saves flight search information and connects users with travel search sites making the process of finding the best flight for you a breeze. Pintrips also allows users to view their bookmarked flight options side-by-side to compare as they continually update.

Plan Easy

Pintrips takes the idea of pinning and the communication that surrounds it, and turns the pins into a sharable dashboard. The ability to message and add friends to trips  promotes Pintrips as the ideal group trip planning tool. Users create a trip with their travel criteria similar to creating a Pinterest board. The criteria is immediately saved as users then search travel sites to then pin flights and compare.

Travel Happy

Pintrips users can collect and compare flights, discuss these plans with friends, and book directly from the website. After their trips, Pintrips even saves users’ past trips for future reference. Whether monitoring flights as an individual, discussing and sharing trip plans as a group, or planning a trip on behalf of another, Pintrips is the way to go in making smart travel choices.