Public Relations in the Arts


Last week, I went to the Dallas Art Fair and it came to my attention, who does the Public Relations for the arts? Is there a sector of Public Relations that covers the arts market? I have always had a fond interest for art.

As I was wondering around the Dallas Art Fair I began to think that I might be interested in doing Public Relations in arts. As I strolled through all the different galleries, I could not get enough of all the art. I couldn’t help but ask myself who does the Public Relations for all these different galleries from all over the world?

After I began to do some research, I found that now is the perfect time to get involved with public relations in the arts. Artists and galleries need to build relationships with patrons using the latest technology. This included, blogs, press releases, email campaigns, video news releases, and much more! These tools give the arts market the opportunity to seek a broader audience and thus increase their sales.

Artists create the best work they can and want to sell it, but in order to do that they must get themselves out to the public and tell their story. They need creative work and a compelling story.

From my research, I have learned that now is the perfect time to get involved with the art market all over the world, especially places like New York City. I have become extremely interested in the idea of working in the Public Relations field that somehow involves art.