Mark Cuban Introduces Cyber Dust; Snapchat and Texting Combined

Cyber Dust is Mark Cuban’s new application that combines Snapchat and Texting, allowing users to send either text or pictures and self-destructing them in 30 seconds. Snapchat and Texting



Snapchat and Texting Combined

Cyber Dust combines aspects from Snapchat and texting to create a conversation space where users can send both pictures and text messages back and forth like any conversation. The difference between this and a texting conversation, however, is that the messages disappear forever after 30 seconds. Like Snapchat, users can take photos straight from the application, and send them through to their friends. Several conversations can be held at the same time, as users can send the same messages to several friends at once. The difference between Cyber Dust and Snapchat is that the conversations are held in a text like format. Also, you do not always have to send a picture. Users have the ability just to send a message with just text


Cyber Dust promotes a real-life conversation through a mobile app, as it combines the ability to see and speak back and forth, without the messages being able to be seen again later on. The app’s slogan is “Every spoken word isn’t recorded. Why should your texts be?” Cyber Dust combines Snapchat and texting to create a more real-life conversation experience, although it is still completely virtual.


On the website homepage, Cyber Dust displays all of the aspects the app has to offer. Listing in order of importance, the first detail listed is that it is secure. The messages sent through Cyber Dust are fully encrypted, and nobody will be able to access them once they are vanished. Next it tells about the self-destruct ability, and how all messages will disappear forever after 30 seconds. The app is also free, which is always a plus. Also, the app notifies users when a recipient screen shots a message or photo, just to protect privacy. The website then goes on to list that the app works very fast, users can send mass messages to many friends separately at one time, users are also able to take high quality photos through the app, and that Cyber Dust is available globally.

Overall, Cyber Dust is attempting to reinvent and revolutionize the way texting works, as the main focus is to make it as similar to a real-life conversation as possible.