Streaming Music Hits Its High

Digital Music Hits A High

Digital Music Hits A High

No longer do you see people listening to their Walkman’s when running down the street. That’s because the days of buying CD’s is long gone. Today, there are millions of songs available to download for free online. Streaming music has taken over due to its continuous inflow of new tracks and the fact that you pay nothing to add it to your most current playlist. Digital music is dominating the music business, from professional musicians to radio broadcasters.

“Streaming music services are experiencing a renaissance not seen since the early, pirate-era Napster days. Only this time, it’s legal. Mobile phone makers, headphone companies and even traditional broadcast radio stations are getting into the Web-based music business”. This is due to the fact that any company can start an internet based radio at their convenience.

The key factor that makes streaming music so popular is that it’s hard to convince people to pay for what they perceive as the same thing as radio, just on the internet. With music services like Pandora and Spotify, you can listen to any song or playlist for free on your computer. They also give the incentive, that if you sign up with the service and pay $9.99 a month, you receive any playlist you wish to listen to, with unlimited music and commercial free.

Not only is streaming music available on computers, but it is becoming the means of listening to music on cell phones and in cars. Fewer people are downloading music from iTunes and having to transfer all the tracks onto their phone. That’s because there is an easier method, just downloading the Spotify, Pandora or Soundcloud app to your cell phone. You can create playlists based on artists or tracks on your phone at your convenience. Apps like this have made downloading music less of a chore and more of a pleasure. When it comes to the automobiles and music, “Pandora is already in the dashboards of virtually every connected car, with the others struggling to catch up”.

So, I would say whoever invented streaming music in basking in the glory.