The Art of De-stressing for Millennials

Breathe in, breathe out. It all sounds so simple, but taking a few moments each day to reflect and relax can make all the difference in how you deal with life’s speed bumps. Whether you find yourself juggling your heavy collegiate course load to entering into your first entry-level job, learning the art of de-stressing can let your mind rest easy in today’s hustle-bustle world.


De-stressing for Millennials: A Moment to Recharge

According to an article on,  you can accomplish de-stressing exercises in a mere 45-seconds by doing enjoyable activities such as reading a poem, or tuning in to your favorite song.

But the true idea of finding your inner peace, ultimately boils down to finding a few minutes to step away from the immediate situation to let your brain cool down. So what does that mean?

Well… when you’re using your brain, it fires off neuron signals and often times it follows the same path, which leads to the same stressful thought consistently.  The best way of looking at it, is by using the analogy of a snow trail. When the first person walks on a fresh path of snow, a path is made. However, when another person comes along, they follow the same path and so on. The path created now becomes the only route to get through the snow until a fresh coat of new snow covers it, and a different path is made hours later.

How Can We De-Stress?

By recognizing our brain’s ability to continually worry about the same problems, or stressors, we can begin to address ways to divert our minds away for a few moments to refresh and relax.

Taking a moment to do some deep breathing exercises, visualization, or addressing the situation can help to put a stressful situation in perspective. So whip out a yoga move or breathe deeply when you’re about to present a business presentation in front of colleagues, or reaching a project deadline.

Just remember: You are ultimately in control of the situation. You have the ability to relax in order to regroup. Just keep your head up, and work through any situation through a mental recharge!