NHL Playoffs Coverage

With the rise of social media, the majority of sports teams have gained tremendous support and coverage from fans over social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  As the fight for the Stanley Cup approaches, NHL playoffs coverage this year could reach an all-time high on social media platforms, specifically Twitter.

Members of the hockey-watching community have started integrating minute-by-minute coverage of games through tweeting and live blogging to show support for their favorite teams.  NHL playoffs coverage on social media sites allows fans to connect and bolster rivalries and team spirit.


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Players themselves have even gotten into the spirit of the NHL playoffs on their personal Twitter pages by tweeting out encouraging words to followers and getting #Playoffs to start trending.  Team accounts have also incorporated visual media into their tweets in order to generate more buzz and encourage fan morale.


It is undeniable that social-sharing sites have become the primary domain for fast, up-to-date coverage of games and sports analysis.  There is also no doubt that social media will take precedent over NHL playoff coverage the closer teams get to competing for the Stanley cup, and Twitter will be the most important platform to watch when it comes to fan hype notable team news.