My Time At SMU

My Time At SMU

My time at SMU: Greatest 4 years of my life

The past 4 years at SMU have been the greatest years of my life. Although I am only 22, and only a fraction of the way through my life, i know that these years will always stick out.

I started my time at SMU in Boaz dorm and moved into a Fraternity house my sophomore year. I spent the past two years living off campus with my closest friends having the time of my life.

What makes it so good?

Well its simple. FRIENDS.

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

I have been blessed to have made the closest and nicest group of friends during my time at SMU. Most of them will be staying in Dallas with myself next year. For the ones that are leaving, I already have plans to stay in contact and set up a variety of trips over the course of the next year.

What is next?

Well, no one knows where we will end up next year. Some of us will continue to stay in Dallas, others will move out of the country. Some of us will be working the same job in 5 years, others will have changed jobs multiple times. Some of us will be happy, others will unfortunately be miserable.

Life is unpredictable and I can only wish the best on each and every one of us. To those that are reading this and are graduation as well, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Everyone, please stay in touch.

Happy Graduation!