How Learning At Home Changed My View on College

At first, the coronavirus seemed like a distant threat; an otherworldly problem for people who wanted to travel across the globe… until it wasn’t. Not once did it occur to me that coronavirus would leave me learning at home, ending my junior year months early. Never did I think I’d be stuck in my house, feeling excited for a much-anticipated trip to the grocery store. Under no circumstances did I think I’d ever go to the bank wearing a mask. Yet, here we are.

Initial Thoughts About Learning at Home

When I was first told about SMU’s extended spring break, tanning on a beach with my friends, I can’t say I was devastated. My opinion changed entirely when those two weeks became two months. Even still, I did my best to think positively. No more fighting for parking spots, having to look presentable for class, or waiting 20 minutes in line for a cup of coffee. Awkward encounters with ex-roommates would be a thing of the past. I thought, “What could be so bad about attending class from the comfort of my own home?” Well, as it turns out, a lot.

The Reality of Online Learning

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a lecture, feeling confused about the material? Imagine feeling that very same way, but with the knowledge that if you choose to ask a question, your face will fill the screens of dozens. Apparently, learning at home grants the same amount of nerve-wracking experiences as learning in classrooms. It seems online learning also leaves many professors believing their students have more leisure time. Leading to the appointment of more time consuming assignments, students are left with an overwhelming amount of work in an already frustrating period of time.

Two months of electronic classmates and cyber-professors is not how I wanted my junior year to end.