One More to Go

I cannot believe that another school year has gone by already. It feels like it is still January (grant it the weather feels like it at times) and that I have an entire semester ahead of me. I am really glad that I still have another year because I honestly do not know what I am going to do once I graduate.

Hopefully this summer I will have an internship, which will help me narrow down what I actually want to do when I grow up. I do not know where my future is really headed as of right now. I would love to study abroad, but it seems too late for that, so maybe I will get to travel when I graduate in a year?

I am not looking forward to everyone graduating in a week or so because that means a lot of my friends are not going to be here next year to suffer through tests and finals together. I can see now why some people never want to leave college; if you don’t leave, then you never have to face the real world.

With only one year left to go, I really want to open myself up and try more things. Maybe I will convince someone to go skydiving with me or bungie jumping one day. I feel like this is my last year to sort of do what I want before I have to feel the pressure of finding a job, paying insurance and bills, and all of the responsibilities that come with graduating.

One new change that I am really stoked about is moving from my apartment into a new house with one of my really good friends at the end of May, and it feels like a step in the right direction of trying new things.

Three years down, and one more to go!

One more to go