Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Changes Company Mantra

Facebook’s motto has always been “Move Fast and Break Things,” which meant to always be creating new things and work out the bugs later. Instead of progressing the company in the fastest, most efficient way possible, that mentality has had a reverse effect on their productivity. Zuckerberg saw this and was compelled to change the company mantra. 

Zuckerberg decided to change the company mantra to “Move Fast with Stable Infra.” With this new mindset in the company, the employees are encouraged to create, develop, and test products before the release. Speediness is no longer the priority.

“‘It might not have the same ring to it and might not be as catchy…but it helps us build better experiences for everyone we serve and how we operate now,'” Zuckerberg announced at the F8 Developers Conference.

One resurfacing complaint of apple products is the updating of products before all of the problems and bugs are fixed. Zuckerberg hopes to reduce that. Facebook is a leading company in being cutting age and pushing out the latest technology. The company mantra should inspire and motivate employees to fulfill a company goal or objective. The company mantra should be a mindset that is shared among everyone in the company to increase productivity and provide a way to create the best products.