UrbanDaddy App

Sleek. Sexy. Mysterious. Aesthetic is not a problem for this e-magazine. Designed to “keep you in the know,” the UrbanDaddy Application offers a unique way to search for eateries.

Urban Daddy dishes on Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, DC, Las Vegas, Los Angelos, Miami, New York, and San Francisco. Stories on the finest in food and drink, style, gear, entertainment, and travel are all topics of UrbanDaddy’s provocative conversation.

But what’s even better that the e-mag is the¬†UrbanDaddy application. “Tell us your situation. We’ll tell you the move,” promises the Food and Drink page. If you have heard of UrbanDaddy, you might think it is just for young party-goers and bar-hoppers. On the contrary they have an option for different areas, settings, parties and times. After narrowing your search, options are given. Contact info for restaurants and bars are given, along with maps, menus, and a neat option to share your ‘move’. You can post via Facebook or tweet, as you tag your party.¬†UrbanDaddy

If you are just looking to browse, the option of choice would be ‘shortlists’. “It’s Sunday, and it’s nice out,” it reads. Then has a short list of things a nice Sunday might entail. Dive restaurants, bloody mary’s, and burgers are some of the options of on the list. Again, selecting the option gives you a list of places near by known for those items. The next time you are stuck in a car deciding where to eat or hangout, think of UrbanDaddy.