Tech Manners

In the new age of technology our everyday lives have been completely flipped upside down. But how do we decide appropriate Tech Manners? The days of calling your friend on your house’s landline phone are over. You can send a quick text maybe even a Snapchat to get in touch. But, where does this leave us? What are the dos and don’ts of tech use in everyday life?

Now that the invention of Google glass has been presented it seems as if technology knows no bounds. Since technology has boomed so quickly it seems as if society’s old ideologies and manners have been completely left behind. Tech manners shouldn’t be pushed aside – they should be defined clearly.

The Top 5 “Don’ts” of Tech Manners

  1. Being on your phone when with a group of people. Do not pay more attention to your cellphone than the people you are physically with.
  2. Being late and not letting anyone know. Now that technology is so advanced, there are no excuses for you to not inform your colleagues when you are running late
  3. Having your phone on loud or vibrate in a social setting. No one wants to hear your ringtone of a bad 90’s rap song. Shockingly, no one wants to hear your text tone of “ding ding” 100 times either
  4. Asking simple questions. Everyone is linked with Google. It is no longer acceptable for you to ask, “what’s the weather?” or “who won the game last night?”. Seriously, people will be annoying, just Google it.
  5. Not responding. Everyone knows that your phone is attached to you. If a message, call, or email goes more then two hours without a response and you aren’t on a plane – you are being rude. Remember that everyone is connected and knows that you are connected.

While the Tech Manners are still being defined it can be useful to simply use common sense. Think of others when in a social setting, do you really want your friends paying more attention to their phone than you? The answer is no. Always be conscious of your Tech Manners because you never know who will be watching.