Google Glasses: Yay or Nay?

Google glasses have become a hot topic in the latest technology news. An accessory that can remember tasks, track down friends and give you directions, Google glasses have gotten people’s attention around the world.

Google has an entire site on their new product, “Google Glass,” as they are currently calling the glasses. The company is marketing the glasses in both how they feel and more importantly, what they can do. The Google glasses almost seem like you would have someone to talk to at all times, as the wearer of the glasses can ask simple questions such as “what time is it?” and immediately receive an answer. The Google glasses can take and store photos and videos. They can explain how to get somewhere or provide updates on your flight information.


Google is also advocating the unique look and design of the Google glasses. Available in a variety of colors, the Google glasses are light and comfortable. Google claims that their design is evolutionary.


Despite the uniqueness of the product, many have mixed feelings on the Google glasses.  Some do not feel that they would want a computer in their heads at all times, as the Google glasses could be distracting and limit privacy. Others believe the Google glasses to be the thing of the future that we have all been waiting for.


I have to agree that a wearable computer might be a little much for me. Would you wear Google glasses?