My SMU Experience

Each year I’ve been at SMU has been a different one. My SMU experience has been shaped by major factors each year. So I’ll walk you through my past four years.

Freshman Year

Well, two weeks into Freshman year, I took a girl, “Drunk Girl” to the hospital on a Thursday night. I’d know her for two weeks. In doing so, I met one of my best friends. She was the roommate of Drunk Girl. My life changed in a way. I found new friends because, Drunk Girl wasn’t who I wanted to spend the next four years with. In doing so, I went out, had fun, and had a lot of weird but great experiences. I met the girl I ran hand and hand with on bid day. I became a Delta Gamma and that decision shaped the rest of college.

Sophomore Year

I went to France before starting this school year. I studied abroad and loved every minute of it. Coming back to Dallas, not many people were in town in August. So I started hanging out with my best friend a lot more. He and I ended up dating. Now, this was my first Fall semester in a sorority and I took full advantage of it. I went out with the girls and had a blast. And… had a lot of fights with the Boyfriend. But his best friends became my best friends. So, regardless of the fighting I made new best friends.

Junior Year

I went to Oxford, England before starting this school year. Upon coming back, I broke up with the Boyfriend in September. Best decision I’ve ever made. I got to actually experience my sorority. Instead of having to come home to him, I got to have girl sleep overs and stay up until 3 am eating Betty’s at the Deeg (DG House). It was amazing. I started interning Spring 2012. My internship wasn’t what I expected it to be. But I loved every minute of it. I loved the events and opportunities and, most importantly, the people.

Senior Year

I can’t do this year justice. It’s had its up and downs. But I mean, it’s Senior Year. It’s Homebar, excessive brunching, and taking classes like Mirror of the Age. It’s everything I’ve wanted it to be and more. My internship turned into a job offer and I can’t wait to start that new life. I’m terrified of losing friends to different states but I know that we’ll do our best to stay close.

In all, My SMU Experience has been shaped by three things: weekends, best friends, and my sorority. It’s been amazing. I don’t want it to end but I know there are many great things to come.