The Benefits Live Streaming on Instagram

As we know by now Snapchat has developed into much more than just a photo-sharing application. Now, users can upload stories (similar to Snapchat stories) and live streaming which has become a pretty big deal, especially for famous musicians, actors, and bloggers. People tend to forget that live streaming can be tactically used by companies looking as a new way to brand their products. Using Instagram’s live stream allows companies to connect with their target market by making a more personable experience. Ultimately, once the importance of live streaming is understood, brands can effectively use this new feature as a great marketing tool.

Instagram is a widely used social media platform and the most recent addition of live streaming allows businesses to engage with their audiences on a personal level. It is extremely important to stream content that is meaning to the consumers. Doing so will ultimately increase the likelihood of a regular audience member to become an actual (paid) customer — not just an onlooker.

Live streaming can also help businesses with brand exposure. It allows you to inform the public about your business and the brand you offer. It helps you promote your company in a whole new way to your Instagram followers as well as Instagram users in general.

Not only is there increased interaction with customers but the interaction is overall considered better because you can interact with people in real time. This gives the public a better look at employees and what goes on behind the scenes thus making a live streaming experience much more personable than simply posting content.

Another benefit of live streaming on Instagram is the fact that companies can emote a sense of urgency. For example, if a company is giving out limited-time offers, they can do so on a live stream that gives those who tune into the live stream an opportunity to put the offer to use.