Generation Z–Are We Ready?

Remember obsessing over your childhood heartthrob or celebrity? Having a poster or three on your wall and begging your mom to go to a concert or movie? Remember waiting to hear them come on the radio or watch them on MTV? Well that time has gone! Now with the use of technology kids and teens can obsess about their idols then ever before. Taking it to an almost psychotic level of devotion.

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Jaimmy is currently a senior at Southern Methodist University studying Creative Advertising and Communications. After graduation, she hopes to purse her dreams of first becoming an Art Director but has not ruled out working in Politics. In her spare time Jaimmy likes to paint and dance, watch movies with friends and family, and going out and meeting new people.

1 thought on “Generation Z–Are We Ready?

  1. I am excited for Gen Z because access to more and more technology is extremely powerful. On the other hand, our need to retain knowledge outside of the classroom for tests and such is greatly diminishing. It makes me nervous that we can utilize machines for anything. This is especially problematic since the world of tech is trying to create robots to replace humans. I like using technology as a tool, but I don’t like the idea that humans and human knowledge becomes more and more obsolete.

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