Use Instagram Video the Right Way

Introducing Instagram Video

Are you stumped by Instagram video? If you are, you’re not the only one. Marketers also struggle grappling this new app feature. This other channel of advertising and communication is a goldmine of opportunity in social media. Many Instagram users haven’t been utilizing the video feature to its full potential. It seems that many users don’t know to do with 15 seconds of video. Instagram video can be an effective marketing and advertising tool if used properly. These 15 seconds can help improve the image of your company, organization, or agency. It can also leave the consumer confused, or leave a bad taste in their mouth if used poorly. Use Instagram video the right way by following these tips.

1. Tell a story.
People love stories. If you can tell a story (and an interesting one at that!) with your product or service, then you’ve gotten our attention.

2. Make them laugh.
Nothing beats making your consumers laugh. If you make them chuckle, Instagram users are more willing to share the video to others and associate your business with positivity. Marketers, however, need to make sure that people are laughing at the Instagram video because it is funny, not stupid-funny. Cheesiness should also be avoided, or else users will associate the company with bad taste.

3. Be creative.
This cannot be stressed enough. Be creative. Be clever. Be original. Instagram users see many videos everyday, and it will be a breath of fresh air to see something different from the norm. Utilize creative directors and art directors for ideas.

4. Make it interesting.
If you can catch a user’s attention for the first 3 seconds of the Instagram video – you’ve got them hooked. Users scroll through Instagram with lightning speed – if you don’t grab their attention within the first 3 seconds, then they’ve already swiped past your video.

5. Be transparent and genuine.
Consumers love transparent companies because it lets them know that the company has nothing to hide. Show clips and teasers of what next big project the company is working on. Give them a look into the office or headquarters or introduce workers and employees. Include users in your company.

6. Be clear and make a point.
Being clear also involves basic camera techniques. Shaky, blurry, too-loud, too-quiet videos are basically useless and a waste of a post. If users can’t view it and can’t understand it, they will move on. Make a point with your videos – showcasing a product, showing users a teasers, showcasing your new franchise, etc.

7. Be positive!
With social media, always be positive. Make the users smile. Present a positive message and users will soon associate your company with positivity. There is enough negativity on the Internet.

Instagram video can be used in an effective way and by following these tips, users will be hooked to your account. They will start to keep up with your agency or organization. They will start to look out for your videos and start sharing them with friends. The best part is, you are promoting your brand without having the users realize they’re even being sold to. If you’re doing something consistently awesome, Instagram users will quickly realize that.


Here is a list of links of Instagram videos done the right way:

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  1. These are great tips Irisa! Especially since social media usage does not come naturally to people. Vine and Instavideo uses the 7 and 15 second video to change the way we consume media. I personally enjoy this format because I get a full story or concept in a matter of seconds. I fear however that this shorter medium ruins my attention span because most Youtube videos now seem too long and I cannot watch TV or a movie without having my iPad or laptop nearby to multitask social media.

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