Can’t get enough of George W. Bush? Then don’t worry…a week ago Bush launched his own Instagram account. Not only can you follow Hollywood’s celebrities, your friends, and your family, but now you can follow politicians. The 43rd President now has over 21,000 followers since he launched his profile. So far he has posted three photos. Each one showing who and what he supports. Many of the comments on the photos praise his work while he was President.┬áMany other politicians also have gotten into the social media craze to boost support. President Obama has 2.4 million followers. Not only has social media become a venue for entertainment, but it has become a source for information. People are following singers, artists, and now politicians. The pictures posted affect the influence certain politicians or profiles can have over a viewer has become more and more influential. The use of social media during President Obama’s campaign was a large part of his re-election. So, keep an eye out for President Obama and George W. Bush on Instagram!