Both a website and mobile app, Pheed is taking over as the latest social media craze. Pheed is currently ranked as the No.1 spot in social free apps and No. 7 of all free apps in the App Store. With the catchphrase “a new way to express yourself,” this app combines some of the best aspects of Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram while also adding its own features.

Released nine months ago, this social media platform allows users to share texts, photos, video and audio. According to the user base is 81% between ages 14 and 25. However, Pheed is rapidly expanding beyond its high school demographic. Famous comedian Michael Malone tweeted his Pheed link encouraging his follows to try the new app. In addition, famous Vine users Curtis Lepore and Cody Johns have also followed suit.

Phil Haus, one of the founders of Pheed, explained one of the many appeals to the new app. “The content our users are sharing is creative — some funny, some brilliant. The beautiful thing however, is it’s unique to each individual and what they want to share. There isn’t a set goal they’re all must aim for, to each it’s their own Pheed to share,” said Haus. Recent tweets also indicate longer video time being a definite perk over using the six second video app Vine.

Some are concerned the new app will replace other social media platforms while others are concerned of it being a current craze that will soon be forgotten. Only time will tell if these concerns will render worthy, but for now Pheed is the app to check out.