Is Technology Becoming McDonaldized?

As our technology world grows, our need for efficiency, speed and effortless tasks have consumed our lives, making humans of the 21st century the laziest thus far and conforming to the ideals of McDonalization…

Humans needs for everything has grown rapidly in the 21st century alongside different apps and technologies that have erupted so recently. Our population and culture today craves for a faster pace of living and for things to be done at the drop of a hat, sometimes even without the effort of lifting a finger. Our society has slowly pushed the world of technology into a McDonalized monopoly, making it easier for lazy humans not do any work for most things they desire.

What is McDonalization you ask? Broadly defined, McDonalization is that “the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American Society as well as of the rest of the world.” Which sectors? Technology is becoming McDonaldized and there is not much we can do to stop it. Three main aspects to McDonalization are efficiency, calculability and predictability. Efficiency refers to the best method for getting a task done. Calculability is how the outcome and efficiency can be measured. Lastly, predictability is how standardized and certain the service or product is. We see places such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Target and many other chain companies possess these characteristics in order to achieve maximum efficiency and income for the cheapest cost.

So, how does this all tie into technology? Starbuck’s newest feature on the mobile device application: order & pay ahead. Favor: the app where anyone beside yourself can go pick up and deliver anything needed or wanted with just the touch of a button. And lastly, Uber: drivers at the tip of your finger. What do all of these apps have in common? Efficiency, calculability and predictability. Why go into Starbucks and orders a coffee ever again? Just tap it in on the phone and pay and within second the drink is ready to be picked up. Same goes for Uber, not only does one have to go through all the trouble of taking out a wallet and getting money out but they have the luxury of knowing exactly what to expect when getting in an Uber: a clean car with a friendly driver.Starbucks is just one example of how technology becoming McDonaldized is unstoppable.

As us humans demand more and more efficiency and predictability, the advances in technology will continue to grow alongside this ideal in mind. Eventually our society will see this McDonalization happen even more. It is important to not be a lazy human and stop conforming to these ideals!