Apps have potential to revolutionize wrist PR

Most people don’t think about PR and wrists together, but then again, the Apple Watch wasn’t out either.  Apple Watch coupled with apps designed specifically for it – opens a whole new world of PR possibilities  – not just at our fingertips but now right above our hands.

Eugene Kim just wrote a fascinating piece, “These 11 Apps Show How The Apple Watch Will Make Your Life Easier” in Business Insider.

And I must say: I want an easier life, I really do!  PR can sometimes be a hectic field and as my mind filled with images of a fabulously organized life, I suddenly saw dollar signs, lots and lots of dollar signs.

These apps that are designed to make life easier for everyone, just made our life in PR easier too!  Imagine….one of your products or companies flashing across the watch of a consumer that Pinterest just informed they were close to a location that they can purchase said product.  Or, knowing that a story you got placed and that was earning traction suddenly splashed across a million wrists!  The potential to advance agendas is wrist open – I mean wide open!

More research was immediately embarked upon.  How many Apple Watch apps have been designed?  How many can have a public relations impact?  Which apps are most relevant to clients?  Which are most relevant to consumers?  I found most of these answers at Wired.

 There are so many apps being designed at record speeds.  The race is on.  This is revolutionizing an industry that has already revolutionized our society.  We, as an industry, need to make sure we have a front seat if we want to stay relevant and forward thinking.  The field of communications and PR just got more interesting.  The idea that the marketplace of ideas can now take place on a screen smaller than a fun size Snickers is pretty amazing.  That reminds me, Halloween is around the corner – I wonder how many watches we will see this year?!?