Spirit Airlines Takes Advantage of Celebrity Photo Scandal

Apparently teasing the celebrity leaked photos scandal is not only funny, but also a great way to promote a company, or so Spirit Airlines thought. The Florida based airline decided to take advantage of the scandal to promote its “bare fare” low cost flights. They sent out an email last week that titled “Our Selfie Leaked Too…” together with a photo of a cartoon woman covering only her chest.

Bare Fair

Another company goes down for not putting social media to good use. Not only did Spirit Airlines send that disrespectful email, ┬ábut also tweeted it. However, after getting numerous complaints on their Twitter, they decided to take it down. Does this mean it’s all over?

One of the biggest problems with social media is that once you post it, it’s hard to take it back. Many companies or public figures have had this problem before and it’s difficult to make people forget about it. A lot of these┬átimes those who publish things online don’t even mean to harm anyone, it’s just a matter of being aware.

One of the most important tasks as a communicator is to know what’s happening in the world. No company wants to publish something that might be offensive to a real world crisis. Then again, maybe they do know what’s happening in the world, but still decide to mock it and publish it, like Spirit Airlines did.

I really have no idea why they thought this leaked photo scandal situation would help the company. Even though celebrities are public figures and are meant to already be used to scandals, many people don’t see it this way.

I guess we’ll have to see what Spirit Airlines does in the future. The way things are looking it seems they will loose a lot of clients just for their wrong decision. So next time you post something, think twice about what you’re about to share to the world.

Here’s the full version of Spirit Airlines’ email:

Full Version - Bare Fare