5 Websites You Need To Bookmark

Here, I’ve compiled 5 websites you probably haven’t hear of, but will simplify or improve your life with just a few clicks!

Unroll me:


This is the email-clutter clearer you’ve been looking for. Simply type in your email address and instantly unsubscribe from all the junk mail you get on a daily basis. Finally, a clear inbox.

Camel Camel Camel:


Be sure to get the best deal on Amazon by tracking the price on Camel Camel Camel. This site shows you the price history of any item on Amazon and alerts you with a friendly email when the prices drop.



Unless you’re closing chip bags with bottle caps, color coding your electric cords, and removing strawberry stems with a straw, you’re clearly not hacking life. Discover simple yet genius ways to do every day tasks more efficiently.

Account Killer:


Remember when you started a Vine and posted 9 videos of your cat? What about that Flickr from high school? Ever wonder where those videos and pictures went?

Delete those never used, potentially embarrassing online accounts with account killer.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes:


Studys show that taking 2 mintues to relax actually increase productivity. Challenge yourself with Do Nothing for 2 Minutes; step away from your email, phone and spreadsheets and unwind.

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