That Was So Funny I Almost Forgot To Laugh


Humor has always been a huge asset when it comes to companies trying to gain followers, appeal to a broad audience, as well as greatening their chances of their ad going viral. Going viral seems to be the ultimate marker if an ad was successful or not, but what if it is at the cost of mocking another company’s ad?

With the debut of the new iPhone 5S, Denny’s jumped at the opportunity to shift to a humorous campaign to draw attention their own products. By taking advantage of the new gold colored iPhone, Denny’s manipulated the Apple ad to promote their fluffy and mouth watering short stacks was an idea that was nothing short of brilliant. Capturing those delectable buttermilk pancakes in all their golden glory and adding the iconic iPhone font turned many heads and cracked a few smiles.

The play on phrase “Always available in golden,” made those pancakes seem just as important and coveted as the new iPhone. Although it isn’t uncommon for some companies to platform their own ads based off of another’s unveiling of a new product, it makes it more appealing when there is humor backing it. Although Denny’s was poking fun of Apple, it was done in a benign way that in the end gained laughs not enemies.

As Denny’s intended when leaking this ad onto Twitter, it became a social media phenomena and is a prime example of the new fad of frontier advertising. This innocent mockery of the new gold colored iPhone helped promote Denny’s as well as remind people of the new and exciting Apple product. As long as companies play fair and the sarcastic ads are all benign, these new ad campaigns seem to be the new way to grab peoples’ attention.