Phonebloks – Will It Work?

Electronic waste is piling up with the constant replacement of phones, but maker Dave Hakkens has a solution. Phoneblok is a new type of smartphone – it is made of up of detachable parts that can be taken out and easily replaced. With Phoneblok, if the screen cracks, the camera breaks, or the battery is starting to run slow, you can take out the piece that is damaged and replace it with a better one. It is a new concept that seems like a perfect solution – but will people buy it?

1 thought on “Phonebloks – Will It Work?

  1. This is definitely a smart concept but I don’t see people buying into it; society as a whole is too materialistic and consumer focused. I think people would rather pay more and get a new phone versus saving the money and replacing a part. It will be interesting to see if this picks up!

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