Phonebloks – Will It Work?

According to the Phoneblok website, phones typically only last about two years. Damage is usually done to only one part of the phone, however most of us tend to trash the phone completely and just buy a new one. But Phoneblok aims to get rid of this continuous cycle and lets you keep your phone for as long as you want. The replaceable blocks will be sold at any local phone store or phone service company – like a hardware store. It seems to be the perfect solution.

Phonebloks Parts

However, Phoneblok needs the help of all phone services to buy in on this idea. It is missing a very important component – consumer need. It is still in the conceptual stage and is trying to garner a following to get companies to pick up on the phone idea.This is where the trouble starts – will people pick up on this idea? As of now, Hakker is trying to raise consumer support. Even though this seems to be a great idea, there are 3 things that might hold it back:

1. The design of the phone might not actually work.

The technology of the phone requires each part of the hardware to be separated into removable blocks. Whether this is possible is questionable.

2. People like new things. 

People always want the next new and shiny toy, or else Apple wouldn’t be making big bucks hashing out a new iPhone every two years. Phonebloks does attract consumers who are part of a market – people who are into sustainable technology. This includes those who are environmentally aware, who have lower income, or who live in isolated areas.

3. Phone companies like making money.

This is probably the hardest drawback Phonebloks face. Phone companies like making money. For Phonebloks to work, phone manufacturers have to stick to a single structure. Companies wouldn’t make money if all their products were identical.

All in all, Phonebloks seems like a workable concept that might just need a little bit more tweaking. But so far, it’s starting to get a lot of coverage and support. If you want to support, join the cause on the Phonebloks website.

Here is a video taken from their website that explains Phonebloks.

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  1. This is definitely a smart concept but I don’t see people buying into it; society as a whole is too materialistic and consumer focused. I think people would rather pay more and get a new phone versus saving the money and replacing a part. It will be interesting to see if this picks up!

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