RebelMouse, The Organized Social Media

RebelMouse is really very easy too. One simply logs into all of their accounts when setting up their site and it connects them all together. One can also post and tweet from the site. You can change the layout and design, and truly make it your own. As you scroll down the page you will see both your pictures from Instagram but those from Facebook as well. People can like and retweet like you could on the home sites, but now it is all right in front of you.

As we continue to push forward with Social Media. It is sites like these that will help to organize the chaos out there. With tweets and followers, pinning, friends, and likes it can get confusing, especially when working with a brand or organization. RebelMouse is perfect, in that you can simply see everything together–in one place.

So check out my RebelMouse here and then try it for yourself! http://

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Jaimmy is currently a senior at Southern Methodist University studying Creative Advertising and Communications. After graduation, she hopes to purse her dreams of first becoming an Art Director but has not ruled out working in Politics. In her spare time Jaimmy likes to paint and dance, watch movies with friends and family, and going out and meeting new people.

2 thoughts on “RebelMouse, The Organized Social Media

  1. Yes, Ashley, I completely agree with you! There is something about hopping from site to site, that fulfills some satisfying need. I doubt it will take off but it’s interesting to see a site try to control the madness–which is social media.

  2. RebelMouse seems like a cool concept. I like the idea and look of Rebel Mouse but I doubt I would ever use the site because I think will continue to be old fashion and do the vicious cycle of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram repeat. I enjoy bouncing back and forth but that’s just me! This might be information overload.

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