Snap Map’s usefulness during Hurricanes


There are now new ways for people to see hurricane coverage other than the news. Snapchat provides a tool, called Snap Map, for people to post Snaps that people around the world can search and see. When Snap Maps was initially invented, most people thought it was a little creepy because anyone allowed could see people’s location. Over time the social media tool became utilized in a way that people did not see coming. People around the world can search an event, topic or city to see the related Snaps. After Hurricane Harvey and Irma, it proved Snap Map’s usefulness during hurricanes.

Snap Map’s usefulness during hurricanes was proven successful during Hurricane Harvey and Irma

Snap Map's usefulness during HurricanesCoverage of storms is difficult to catch during the heat of it, but Snap Map’s usefulness during hurricanes is the next new way to see storm coverage. Texas and Florida experienced these record breaking hurricanes, which resulted in power outages and dangerous flooding. The people who did not evacuate the affected areas went to Snapchat to show the world the prep before the storm, conditions during the storm and the aftermath.

Since Snap Map was invented to show Snaps from all across the world, it was heavily used during Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Snap Map’s usefulness during hurricanes was an added value for a variety of different reasons.

People in America, as well as, around the world were able to see the impact of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. The residents who evacuated, before the storms made landfall, were able to look at Snap Map in their neighborhood to judge whether or not their house was damaged. Not only is Snap Map’s usefulness during hurricanes interesting for people around the world, but it also helped the government and aid organizations know where to send first responders and supplies.