Trending topics and tweets on twitter

Trending topics and tweets on twitter

Ever wondered what are trending topics and tweets on Twitter and who decides what is a trending topic? Many of us wake up, turn off our alarms, pick up the phone and check social media.Trending topics are a quick way to see what’s happening around the world and can be a great source for breaking news. Click on search or swipe to your left and you can see trending topic and tweets on twitter.

What is a twitter trend?

When topics gain above average or popular mentions in a short period of time, they can become trends.  Trends are not just words or hashtags used often, or they would look the same every day. These trends identify topics that are immediately accessible to twitter audience. Trending topics are refreshed periodically.


How many tweets make a topic trend on twitter?

According to,  trends are determined by twitter algorithms by favoring sharp spikes rather than continuous sustained growth. In other words, topics trend when they have a significant increase in traffic.  Trends are also determined by volume and how much time it takes to create the volume.  Other important factors are what time of day it is, what countries are awake or what other topics are trending.  As per It is necessary around 1200 tweets from 12am to 6am PDT to reach the top 10. From 6 am to 12 pm PDT, 1700 tweets. From 12pm to 6pm PDT, 1500 tweets. And 1900 tweets from 6 pm to midnight PDT.


Other things to keep in mind when exploring a trending topic

  • Some trending hashtags are subject to misspellings. This can split volume and traffic and how long a topic trends on Twitter.
  • Twitter users see trends that accommodate their interests, their city and even conversations dominating near them.


Tips to get a trending topic 

  • Use a unique hashtag
  • Think about your timing
  • Not only provide the hashtag, but also provide what’s happening and strategize