Why Snap Map is Beneficial in the World of Social

Snap Map is beneficial to you in more ways than one.

As if the world of social media could not get any more intrusive. Now, cue Snap Map, the latest (and creepiest) feature of Snapchat. The possibilities that social media offers its users are endless. 

Snap Map is the feature that users want to hate, yet, can’t help but to love. What is it, exactly? And more importantly, what are the reasons why Snap Map is beneficial to you?

With this feature, you can view events of all categories from around the world within the pinch of your fingers. All users do is simply navigate toward the camera screen, pinch as if they are zooming out and then Snap Map becomes visible. Not only does it reveal events around the world, it also highlights where your Snap friends are at any given time- so long as they are currently utilizing the application and allowing their location to be shared.

Why Snap Map is beneficial to you is because it is a type of virtual reality. It allows you to keep up with your friends in ways that you have never been capable of before. Users are able to opt into sharing their locations with their followers or are able to go “ghost mode” and not be seen by anyone. Snap Map is beneficial because it allows you to be connected when you want to be connected and to disconnect when you wish to disconnect. Whether you are visible to the world or not, you will always be able to utilize the feature to catch up on the world’s happenings.Snap Map is Beneficial


It is time to accept the intrusive, and well, creepy, ways of social media. As long as users are being cautious and conscientious as to who can see their location, Snap Map is beneficial to everyone. It is  a great and innovative idea that continues to prove the power of Snapchat. In today’s world, the ability to share location and content from live events within seconds is an earth-shattering concept. Snap Map makes virtual communication an appealing reality to its users. With this groundbreaking feature, the interactive and collaborative world of Snapchat has reached an even higher level of user excellence.