In the article, “The Business of Blogging,” Taylor Davies delves into the new phenomenon of blogging not merely as a hobby or side-project, but as a business.


Davies explores the newest phenomenon of every successful or potentially successful fashion blogs in the world wide web. 

Venz, a former personal stylist created the blog monetization platform in 2010, and did so on her own merit. While experiencing the stress of juggling multiple advertising platforms, Venz, decided it was time for a long-term solution, thus teaming up with technology experts to create what is now the most successful blogging platform, and works with large online clients such as Neiman Marcus, ASOS, TopShop, Madewell to name a few. These sites offer each invitation only member to experience commission as though they were a personal stylist by way of a ‘’ tracking device.


Rewardstyle is what offers synergy in a seemingly endless realm of retail, marketing, advertising, journalism, and fashion. It tracks engagement analytically and offers monetization through teaming up with such companies that each blogger recommends and links via their blog.