The Modernization of NYFW

How Snapchat has revolutionized NYFW

Since 1943, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has been one of the hottest events of the year for fashion lovers everywhere. Although the viewer’s love for fashion hasn’t changed, there’s one thing that has: media coverage. Snapchat has given the world the opportunity for everyone to get an inside look.

Between models, designers and fashion-goers, we now know the in’s and out’s of fashion week. To make it even better, Snapchat has a live feed for the event. So instead of taking the time to follow favorite models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, Snapchat does it for you.

Kendall Final Touch

Snapchat’s live updates allow people like us to pretend that we’re part of the “in crowd”. From good mornings to the after party, we follow their day-to-day lives. The highlights of the show used to be the actual show, which yes, is very exciting. However, the only people who would get to see the show are the ones who buy tickets. The best part about the addition of Snapchat to social media is the accessibility. There is no longer the issue of looking at articles, videos and pictures online. Snapchat allows all users to stay updated with NYFW while on the go. Whether it is before you go to bed or during your morning commute, the world is always updated.
Elizabeth and James

One of the great aspects of the Snapchat live feed is that it gives all NYFW participants a chance to be exposed. The week is so hectic that there is a high chance of a show being overlooked. Snapchat gives every designer and model a chance to make a name for themselves. This is important to any new designers. The only downfall for those debuting a new trend in NYFW is that if its a dud, everyone will know.For example, there have been several mixed thoughts about Kanye West’s new collection of clothing.

Keep an eye out for NYFW Snapchat’s latest posts, you may find something you like!



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