Battle of the Transportation Apps

We are currently living in the midst of a digital takeover… and no one wants to be left behind! Literally – no one wants to be left behind, and that’s why more and more people (and more cities) are turning to Smartphone transportation apps like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar to conveniently help people get to their desired destinations.

In today’s society, there is very little your mobile device can’t do for you… and if your Smartphone can’t already do something on its own, then there’s more than likely an app for it. While our mobile devices can’t exactly “transport” us to where we need to be, entrepreneurs have found a niche in the market for Smartphone transportation apps that will help ease the process a little bit.

Although each of these transportation companies is unique in its own way, they all share one thing in common: the goal of making transportation easier through the use of Smartphone applications. While Uber first originated in 2009, Lyft and Sidecar came shortly after in 2012, and the impact of these new transportation methods has not gone unnoticed.



  • 25 cities in the US / 18 countries worldwide
  • Request a ride using mobile app and get picked up instantly
  • No reservations required / no waiting in line
  • Keeps credit card attached to account so no cash hassle
  • Request a black car or SUV
  • “Everyone’s private driver”



  • Known for the pink mustache
  • Expanding through US (about to launch in Dallas)
  • Enables those who need a ride to request one from drivers who have a car
  • Driver doesn’t charge a ride fare, but instead asks for a “donation” from the passenger
  • Seeks to create a social community amongst users
  • “Your friend with a car”


  • 6 US cities
  • Mobile app matches everyday drivers with people nearby for shared rides
  • Vision to build largest social transportation network in the world
  • See pictures of your driver and their car in the app before arrival
  • Pay what you think is fair
  • “My ride is your ride”

2 thoughts on “Battle of the Transportation Apps

  1. Love all these travel companies that make this super easy and have cars on the way at the touch of a button. I have to agree with Ashley and say that I am pretty loyal to Uber but I do love the pink mustaches that Lyft uses to help them stand out.

  2. Really interesting! I keep getting Facebook ads about Lyft but haven’t bothered looking at it so this was great to get more information about it. I will forever love Uber though.

    Finally, can you teach me how you did your layout like this? seriously…

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