Miley Cyrus vs. iOS 7

The launch of the new iOS 7 operating system has garnered many different opinions from people around the world. There are those that feel as though they are in a new “anime” film, and those that feel that the new operating system is exactly what they’ve been waiting for. But, who takes the cake for the most unimportant, irrelevant, and unnecessary criticism of the new Apple system?

mileyThe award goes to… Miley Cyrus! The disastrous startlet decided to take to her twitter account to voice her opinion regarding the new operating system.

“I hate the Iphone update.”

This was all Miley had to say on the matter, and there is only one question that one might ask after reading her highly accredited opinion. Well, maybe two questions:

1) Why does anyone care what Miley thinks about, anything?

2) Why am I following Miley Cyrus on Twitter?

Although we might not have answers to these pressing questions, we can’t help but to feel sorry for the girl. She had a horrendous performance at the VMA’s, which probably aided in her fiances decision to call off their engagement, and is now hating on Apple, as it is taking attention away from her. Miley should be thanking Apple for the convenient release of their new iPhone’s, and operating system, as it given at least some people something to talk about besides her cringe-worthy performance.

Miley, take some advice from an outsider. Please, relish in the fact that there are now a few less million people cursing your name. Take this time personally thank Apple, and get yourself some much needed rest, and help.