New Creepy and Controversial Anti-Obamacare Ad

Generation Opportunity, a conservitive group that describes itself as a “national, non-partisan youth advocacy organization,” released a controversial anti-Obamacare ad this past Thursday. The video depicts a creepy and cartoonish “Uncle Sam” acting in place of a gynecologist.

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The video encouraging young people to “opt out” of health care rather than letting the “government play doctor” is rapidly causing quite the commotion. Within seven hours of being released, the video was discussed on CNN, Fox News and many more outlets. NARAL Pro-Choice America is speaking out against this video. NARAL president Ilyse Hogue explained the ad “not only defiles our American mascot but disturbingly compared the ACA to sexual assault. This ad is brought to you by the same people who force the government between our legs when it comes to abortion access, forced ultra-sounds and birth control. At a time when the gender gap between parties is significant, this ad will only further alienate women.” David Pasch, a spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, defended the video stating ,“our mission is to empower young Americans to fight for their economic freedom….we’re trying to let them know they have options.”

According to Yahoo News, Generation Opportunity has “financial ties to billionaire businessmen and political activists Charles and David Koch.” The group reportedly plans on spending up to $750,000 targeting college students this fall. Part of their campaign will incorporate bringing anti-Obamacare literature and beer coozies emblazoned with the words “opt out” to 20 different campuses. Nothing encourages the bright minds of our future like an ice cold beer.

4 thoughts on “New Creepy and Controversial Anti-Obamacare Ad

  1. You’re welcome Rebecca.

    Our dialog reminded me of a Sociology of Culture class. A bit heavy on theories but rather interesting. The topic being “discursive repertoires” and their re-positioning, e.g. from “pro peace” to “Support the Troops,” from “gay marriage” to “Equality of Union,” or the current positioning statements for Pro-Choice and Pro-Life movements instead of their previous names. PR/Communications on one side, social/field theory on the other. See you in class.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I watched that video recently; it is rather creepy, with enticing musical notes, Uncle Sam mask, medical tools and all. An interesting example of propaganda. I would imagine SMU is included in their tour.

    I was not familiar with NARAL, yet looking at their website their slogan is “Pro-Choice America,” a different departure point than “pro-abortion.” The former presents a clearer message in the mission statement.

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