The New iPhone X Makes a Splash

Impressive Features of the New iPhone X Separate it From Previous Models

The introduction of the new iPhone X from Apple has changed the way we think about smartphones. Except for a design change here and there, the iPhone has progressed along a steady and predictable course, until now. The new iPhone X takes smartphone technology to another stratosphere. Apple technology exists under a critical public spotlight. Therefore, we can safely assume the development of the iPhone X was a long and carefully thought out process. Each function of the phone is narrowly tailored to immerse its user in an entirely new mobile experience.

The new iPhone X features an all glass, a full-screen design that significantly differs from previous models. With a 5.8-inch super retina screen, the smartphone not only pleases the eye but also wows with its impressive durability. However, perhaps the most exciting new feature of the iPhone X is its face identification capability. Face recognition has replaced fingerprint’s as the primary way to unlock the iPhone. With just a glance, the new iPhone X need not do more than recognizing its user’s face to take them to their home screen. Another notable feature of the new iPhone X is animojis. The smartphones true depth camera analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements to mirror your expressions in 12 animated emojis. Other attributes of the phone include impressive power efficiency, a neural engine, dual OIS, and unparalleled camera capabilities.

Many argue that anticipation for the release of the iPhone X reached higher than it has for any other smartphone’s release. The only downfall’s of this revolutionary new technology revolve around its steep price. Anyone wanting the new iPhone X must be willing to pay at least $1000. Compared to the iPhone 8, the new iPhone X can seem to many an unnecessary luxury. Only time will tell whether the new iPhone’s X’s price tag will have a negative effect on sales.

This is a picture of the new iPhone X