The New Snapchat Animated Bitmoji Has Users Dancing

Almost every Millennial remembers how exciting it was to create a Mii on the Wii game console. A tiny little version of you appeared on the virtual court as you played a tennis match in your living room. You might be lying if you say you never made a Sims version of yourself in the early 2000’s. Today’s version of Sims and Miis are called Bitmojis. After years of creating virtual look-alikes, the Snapchat animated Bitmoji feature finally brings them to life.

What is a Bitmoji?

The Bitmoji app calls itself “your own personal emoji”. The app gives users the ability to make virtual versions of themselves. The customization process is very detailed in order to make the avatar as accurate as possible. At first, these custom-made avatars were only available to send through iMessage. Things changed when Snapchat and Bitmoji linked up to create a way for users to further personalize their snaps.

Snapchat and Bitmoji Combine

The first step of this partnership began earlier this year. Users who had the Bitmoji app on their phones were able to allow Snapchat to use their avatars as stickers. Any picture or video taken on the app could be personalized with a cartoon version of the user. A simple Snapchat picture of a tree could feature a sticker of a Bitmoji sitting on a swing underneath the branches. This feature made headlines and quickly became very popular among users.

The Snapchat Animated Bitmoji

A Snapchat animated Bitmoji doing yoga in the app

A Snapchat animated Bitmoji doing yoga

Snapchat and Bitmoji made headlines once again this week. The new Snapchat app update comes with the Snapchat animated Bitmoji feature. This entertaining tool gives users the ability to hold their finger on the rear-facing camera screen, wait for the filter feature to activate and select one of the new 3D activities. Your Bitmoji can dance, do yoga, drink coffee, wait for the bus and more. After selecting the intended activity, the Bitmoji appears to literally be right in front of the camera. Mashable even stated that people can now “live like Lizzie McGuire,” whose animated avatar appeared on the television screen to display her inner monologue. Milennials everywhere have already caught on to the trend.

Feeling tired at work? Have your Bitmoji chug coffee right on your desk. Ready for the weekend? Your Bitmoji can perform a disco routine for all of your followers. This feature gives Snapchat users the unique ability to express how they feel by using their very own cartoon sidekick. Stay posted, because this is just the beginning.