Sponsored Lenses and Snap Ads

Snapchat is one of today’s fastest growing social media platforms and is most popular with millennials. According to Snapchat, they reach 41% of all 18-34-year-olds in the United States. If that age group is your target market, this is why you should consider advertising on Snapchat using sponsored lenses and snap ads.

Snapchat offers five different ads and can reach people in your local area, city, state or even country.


Snapchat Discover is a tab on the app that features trending stories, viral topics, and event coverage. These ads are provided by brands such as the NBA and popular magazines like Glamour, websites like Buzzfeed, and major news outlets like CNN. These features cost upwards of $50,000 each and reach most of the app’s users.

Sponsored Lenses appear when you take a photo or a selfie with the app and are located in the targeted location. Hold your finger on the screen, and some different lenses will pop up that can change your appearance, your voice, or add some animation to your photos and videos. These are the most expensive ads on Snapchat and cost at least 500K per day and $700,000 plus for holidays or special events (like the Super Bowl).


Nationwide Sponsored Lenses are the latest Snapchat ad. McDonald’s ran the first add that changed your face into a box of french fries. These appear on the app for everyone across the country, and the cost is more expensive than the sponsored Lens.


Snap Ads pop up in between features on the Discover tab, while the user is consuming content. A Snap Ad consists of an up-to 10-second video, with the option to swipe up for access to more content such as a longer article. Snap Ads blend right in with other snaps. These ads are so short that by the time you realize you’re viewing an ad, you’ve already watched it. These cost about $1,000 to run.


Local Geofilters are a great advertising tool for small sized events such as birthday parties, grand openings of stores and small venues. You set up a filter that is designed around your event or business and can activate the filter for a specified location. The cost of this option depends on the size of the area, and the duration that the filter will be live. These ads are far less expensive than the others.
The filters cost about $7 to run (not including the design).


According to Snapchat, they will continue to offer the opportunity to advertise, and they’re just getting started.