Vulfpeck and Social Media

It All Starts With a Name

Vulfpeck and social media are bringing an entirely different element to digital marketing and branding. Band leader, Jack Stratton, formed the band after throwing the concept out to a friend that was “inspired by the rhythm sections from the golden age of recording,” (think The Swampers) Jack said in a June 2016 interview. Jack planned out the name Vulfpeck due to the positive result it would create for their SEO. He knew that it was a unique phrase that no one else was searching and they have capitalized on that and much more in social media. 


Understanding the Market and the Channels

Since inception, Stratton and Vulf have had a keen understanding of what kind of content they want to produce. In addition to that, he zeroes in on what particular mediums they want to release that content on. By finding a social strategy that works for them and applying it repeatedly they have been able to build a beautiful brand from scratch. Along with the brand they have amassed a dedicated fanbase and created exciting new music with their best friends through their vehicles Vulfpeck and social media. Stratton knew that YouTube was the primary channel for Vulf. They could capture the golden live moments that they always seem to produce in conjunction with their supremely tight music- a match made in heaven. In addition to YouTube, Vulf lives on other forms of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as streaming services and Spotify.

Sleepify Breaks the Internet

In March 2014 Vulfpeck released Sleepily and the digital media world didn’t know what to do. Sleepify was a genius concept album developed by Jack Stratton. The album consisted of ten tracks with zero audio output. Total Silence. Jack and the band asked their fans to listen to the album on Spotify as they slept through the night. The result was nearly $20,000 in streaming revenue for the band. Vulfpeck then took that money and gave their fans a number of free admission shows. A revolutionary act by a revolutionary band.

Vulfpeck and social media is like peanut butter and jelly. Stratton seems to have the innate ability to captivate an audience and keep them captivated through his one-of-a-kind online content. Look for Stratton and Vulf to continue to set the standard for music-based social media marketing and branding. In the mean time, could you tell me if you’ve seen a Funky Duck around here somewhere!?