Tips for Responding to Comments on Your Social Media

It’s essential to always uphold a positive brand image. But how do Comment bubble with question do that when responding to comments on your social media profiles? Here are several useful tips on how to monitor your social media comments from a business perspective.

Always Be Polite

Mom may have told you before that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” That long-held adage is a cornerstone of effective public relations tactics. It’s important to use professional and kind language when responding to comments, both when the comments are good and when they are nasty. Be the better person and communicate to the world that your brand is respectful. Always acknowledge what was said, not just the content, but the intent of the message. Don’t just answer the parts you like and ignore other parts. Another good practice is to always thank the person for their comment. A little hospitality goes a long way and people think better of the brands that show respect and appreciation.

Always Be Professional

When comments get heated and it seems like the world of social media hates you, don’t take it personally. People are not commenting on your personal traits or attacking your self-worth. They are talking to your business. So reply like a business and remember that you represent your brand. You can have personality as a business, but always be professional and courteous. When responding to comments that include critique, let them know that their voices are heard, but don’t make promises you can’t fulfill. Take these comments as an opportunity to gain better insight on your clients. They may be offering clues that can help you improve your brand. It’s okay to correct miscommunications but never accuse the commenters or assume that a potential misunderstanding was their fault.

Always Be Timely

In this digital age, you need to remember that people expect an instant response. If a client takes the time to praise your product or ask a question on your social media page, then you owe it to them to reply. Your clients will appreciate your brand more if you reply to their comments and concerns in a timely manner. This isn’t always possible, however. If you have a large number of followers on your social media platforms, sorting through the comments and replying to everything can be a chore. So, just do what you can. Most people understand that you can’t get to all their comments, but if they ask a question, be sure and reply as quickly as you can. If they give some criticism, replying quickly and efficiently can be the difference between losing a customer and gaining one. Not only that, but social media is in the public eye. That means a whole lot more could be at stake.

Thanks for reading these brief tips on responding to comments on your social media. Comment below with your own tips. Here are a few links with additional information:


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