How Facebook Ad Tools are Optimizing Marketing

Measuring digital ads with Facebook ad tools can help optimize marketing strategies for businesses. The evolving use of digital devices creates a demand for businesses to strategically connect with customers online and offline. Last year, Facebook introduced three marketing tools to measure the effectiveness of online-to-offline ad impacts. Last week, Facebook offered two new options focusing on targeting offline-to-online leads. These tools help brands understand how effective their Facebook ads are for driving foot traffic and how they can retarget people who interact with the business offline.

Using Facebook Ad Tools to Measure Online-to-Offline Impacts

Following the release of Google’s offline conversion tool, three Facebook ad tools were introduced for businesses to measure the impact of Facebook campaigns in the real world. The three tools are store locator, store visits, and offline conversions API. The store locator provides a stores business-front information and location via a visual map. The store visits feature estimates how many people visit a store based on Facebook ad exposure through enabled location services. The offline conversion API feature tracks what purchases are made in-store or over-the-phone based on ads. With these tools, businesses can collect data to see if, and how, Facebook users are interacting with their business offline based on Facebook ads.  

Using Offline Data to Target People Online Business Using Facebook Ad Tools to promote business at custom audiences

With the new additions to Facebook ad tools, businesses can make their data actionable for retargeting consumers online. Businesses can now create custom audiences and lookalike audiences. Facebook cited that more than 90% of sales are still made in physical stores, even with ecommerce advancements. Since most sales occur offline, businesses can use the new tools to deliver relevant Facebook ads that will continue to drive offline interactions.

The custom audiences consists of consumers who recently had in-store or over-the-phone interactions with a business. If someone recently bought a product at your business, you can now target a specific ad or promo relevant to that consumer. This offers businesses a way to customize their ads in an effort to continue foot traffic. The lookalike audiences feature allows businesses to find potential consumers based on shared characteristics with the custom audiences. The Facebook ad tools can transform marketing efforts for personally re-engaging and targeting people based on interests. For businesses, this is an opportunity to bring online and offline engagement full-circle for optimizing business-consumer relationships.