Stitchfix Online Personal Styling Profile

Stichtfix online personal styling profile makes it easy to match your personal taste and save you the headache of having to leave your house to go shopping. Do you have an important event coming up soon or maybe you’re  just not good at picking out an outfit every day? Not only does Stitchfix pick your outfit, they also send your outfits directly to your home. This app makes it simple and convenient to be styled by your online personal stylist. 

How Stitchfix Styling Works 

First, fill out a style profile.

  • What is your style?
  • What is your size?
  • What are your price range preference and budget?

Request a delivery.

  • get five hand-picked pieces of clothing
  • no subscription required

Pick out what you want

  • Buy what you like and send back the rest
  • shipping is free both ways

Different websites and apps cater to this idea of styling a person by their online profile, but Stitchfix has been the most popular app used by women. Online styling is starting to become more popular since online shopping has significantly grown in the last 5 years. Online shopping has become easier for consumers, and according to Glamour magazine, many retailers have closed their stores because overhead costs are exceeding instore sales and much of the purchases are coming from online.   According to, 23 percent of women said they definitely or probably would try an online stylist such as Stichfix.

You can try Stitchfix after filling out your profile and what’s the worse that can happen?  Won’t like the clothes? Well, you can just send them all back with no purchase obligation. Shipping is free both ways, so why not just try it out?