Facebook at Work to Launch October 10

Depending on your workplace, being on Facebook at work is generallyFacebook at Work logo frowned upon, but Facebook is advocating the use of social media in the workplace with the new app, Facebook at Work. The app will launch October 10.

How it works

Aesthetically, Facebook at Work is very similar to the site you know and love. You open the application to a newsfeed where you see posts, pictures and documents from those you follow. Ideally, posts are work-related, but that is up to each employer to enforce.

On Facebook at Work, users follow each other, much like a fan page. Because of the extra level of security, users can safely post their contact information, but users can also message one another through the app.

The groups on the app are the same as those on the traditional Facebook. Groups can be open, closed or hidden, and users join groups to collaborate on specific projects within a company. Posts in groups are posted to a user’s newsfeed as well.

The messenger system is the same as traditional Facebook. Users can instant message one another, create group messages and share files through messenger. Users can create events on Facebook at Work as well.

Accounts are completely separated from traditional Facebook accounts, so you don’t have to worry about your boss finding your personal profile.

Facebook at Work newsfeed

Source: work.fb.com


Facebook at Work is not free to employers, but prices have not been released yet. Facebook at Work will charge employers per individual user, according to Tech Crunch. It is hard to compare pricing because similar products – Salesforce Chatter, Yammer and Convo – do not charge per user. Slack charges per user, but they do not offer the same options, so it is hard to compare.



Visit work.fb.com to check out the layout and features. Familiarize yourself now; you may find yourself on the site soon.