What’s the Hype About Food Instagrams?

How Food Instagrams have Revolutionized Eating

Everyone in the twenty-first century has seen a Food Instagram. Not only are they becoming very popular on celebrity Instagram feeds, they are also becoming popular among high school and college students. So what’s the big deal about a food Instagram?

  1. The best part about it is that through public Instagram accounts, you are able to see people’s food Instagrams from all over the world. Let us say you are studying abroad for the semester and have no idea what is good. Or even worse, you can not read the menu because it is in another language. Through having the opportunity to look at various food Instagram accounts, you are able to see first hand pictures of food from the menu. This also allows users to discover new restaurants that may be similar to the one they are already looking at. Looking at the location of the restaurant gives users the opportunity to see all of the tagged pictures that relate to that specific restaurant.
  2. Instagram allows a diverse group of people to show the world his or her favorite foods. Because of this, Instagram users can post a variation of food groups. Whether it is dessert, breakfast foods, or late night snacks, there is a page for it all. Some of the best foods are found on Instagram accounts. Between the colors, interesting displays and artsy angles, it’s hard staying focused on anything else. Accounts such as @FoodInTheAir and @SprinklesForBreakfast show users that there is so much more to life than simple food. Depending on what food you are feeling that day, you can look at accounts specific to that type of food. For example, everyone can always use advice on a healthy meal. @Veggiefull shows users healthy food alternatives by creating vegan recipes out of non-vegan foods.
  3. It gives small stores and companies publicity. If it weren’t for Instagram, many stores, especially bakeries, would not get the publicity they need. One of the biggest examples of this is LeVain bakery in New York. Any Instagram user can find a chocolate chip walnut LeVain cookie on just about any page. Although the bakery can hold maybe 15 people and has a selective menu, it is home to one of the most coveted cookies. Lines are always a daunting length because of their world famous cookie. Many businesses would not be able to get their names out there if it were not for Instagram

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