Shopping on Instagram with the Instagram and Shopify Integration

For Instagram users who are also online shoppers, you’ll want to be aware of the expanded Instagram and Shopify integration. The goal of the integration is to make online shopping a seamless and enjoyable experience. With e-commerce constantly growing as a channel, the integration becomes a powerful tool for brands to grow their brand and connect with mobile shoppers.

The Journey of the Instagram and Shopify Integration

Last year, Instagram introduced its shopping experience feature to select retailers. Select retailers, like Kate Spade and Warby Parker, are able to apply shopping tags to their posts. Shopping tags allow users to tap a button to view product details and descriptions within the app. Instagram’s aim is to make mobile shopping a simplified and immersive experience. However, users can not make in-app purchases with this initial feature. If the user taps the ‘Shop Now’ link, they’re redirected to the product on the brands’ website.

The Instagram and Shopify integration began earlier this year when Instagram expanded its shoppable features to the e-commerce company. Shopify has been testing the feature with select brands throughout the year. This week, Shopify announced they will be rolling out their Instagram shopping experience to thousands more of brands. With this integration, discovering products and shopping on Instagram can enhance the e-commerce experience.   

Shopping on Instagram

Although the shopping tags are still being developed, the expansion of the Instagram and Shopify integration will allow more brands to use the tool in time for the holiday season. Brands selected by Instagram and Shopify will be able to implement the tags on their products in posts. The integration combines Shopify and Facebook’s product catalog to allow brands to easily tag their products.

Instagram and Shopify Integration

Instead of redirecting shoppers to a brand’s’ website, Instagram has improved the feature so purchases can be made directly in-app. The Instagram and Shopify integration of in-app purchases can boost a brand’s connection with consumers by limiting steps in the mobile purchasing process. For shoppers, this makes the experience of discovering and buying new products effortless. According to Instagram, there are over 800 million active Instagram users each month. For brands, implementing tags through the Shopify integration can increase engagement among brand-consumer relationships. Instagram and Shopify can help impact the e-commerce experience for both brands and shoppers.