114-year-old Lies About Age to Join Facebook

Anna Stoehr of Minnesota is not the first person to lie about her age. In fact, people lie about the year they were born all the time. However, 114-year-old Stoehr’s reasoning was much more innocent: she simply wanted to create a Facebook account.

Stoehr is Minnesota’s oldest living resident, having just celebrated her 114th birthday. Recently, she attempted at making herself a Facebook account but hit a wall when registering. The earliest selection for date-of-birth is the year 1905 – Stoehr was born in 1900.

How is this 114-year-old so trendy? Stoehr’s desire to join Facebook evolved from her friendship with Joseph Ramireza, a Verizon sales rep who sold Stoehr’s 85-year-old son his first iPhone. Making small talk with Stoehr’s son, Ramireza quickly learned about his centenarian mother. So impressed by her age, Ramireza made an effort to meet her and the two became quick friends after their initial introduction.

Since then, Ramireza has taught Stoehr how to Google and use Facetime on her iPad, along with helping her join Facebook and maneuver through the site successfully. After joining, Stoehr makes for the world’s oldest registered Facebook user, beating out the pervious title-holder, Edythe Kirchmaier at 106-years-old. Look out, as seniors are entering the digital age. (Just ask Rex Redstone, the infamous 85-year-old, avid Instagram user.) May this be a reminder to everyone to never post things “you wouldn’t want your grandma to see.”

In response to all the publicity Stoehr has received from¬†joining, she has since written Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg emphasizing the notion “I’m still here.”

Watch the viral video of precious Anna Stoehr here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XDf4jCwevM